Friday, December 30, 2011

LoKal Burgers & Beer

Few things in life go well together like a good burger and a tasty beer. Well, there is a new sensation in town, located in beautiful Coconut Grove, called Lokal Burgers & Beer.  At first, it was a bit difficult spotting this new marvel, but as soon as I heard the sounds of Bob Marley and saw a graffiti-filled bar, I knew I was at the right spot. 

Lokal exhibits a comfortable, modern-industrial vibe.  Upon entry, your eyes gravitate towards the right, where you notice that the base of the bar is covered with old cassette tapes, and graffiti overlays the brick wall behind it. Owner Matt Kuscher thinks “green", and virtually everything in LoKal was made from recyclable material. The dining tables were forged from particle board chips.  Even the hostess podium is fabricated from a wooden pallet. Adorning the wall opposite the bar, is a befitting 'LoKal' mural made out of old donated wine corks. 

 The aforementioned visual impression is only exceeded by the savory menu and extensive beer list.  I began my feast with the New Mexico Chili.  I can’t tell you what’s in it due to its classification of  "TOP SECRET".  What I can tell you - its top with shredded Monterrey Jack, diced onions, with a side of tortilla chips - and its DAMN GOOD CHILI!  My friends and I were lucky enough to order three different and unique burgers. One ordered the fiery 'Miami Heat' - served with spicy mayo, jack cheese, grilled onions, fresh jalapenos and Sriracha - perhaps the hottest burger in Miami.  If you’re a fan of spice, this burger is for you. The other friend had 'The Classic'. The sharp Wisconsin cheddar really made this burger tasty.  I went with the '50/50' - made from 50% Florida ground beef and 50% Florida ground bacon! Monterey jack cheese and delicious sweet onion marmalade tops off this fine creation. We were all very happy with our burger selections.

I must say for being open only a few days I was surprised how smooth everything was running. The servers were quick, very attentive and a sight for sore eyes. The bartender, was genuine, witty, and kept our drinks full.  He even took the time to chat with us about the previous night's Miami Heat game.  I’m looking forward to my next visit to Lokal.  I still have 10 burgers to try and at least twice as many beers to taste! I’m looking forward to the day I’m known as a "regular."


  1. This place is bringing the Grove back to life… they have their new sign up now.

  2. Only time will tell but yes I agree it’s a definite hot spot. Yes I noticed on FB the sign... next well I'll stop in.