Thursday, January 5, 2012

Wynwood Kitchen and Bar

Located in the vibrant and up in coming art community of Miami is Wynwood Kitchen and Bar - a small, unique treasure located right in the heart of the Design District.  This place offers an interfusion of Latin cuisine and beautiful art work.  It is by far one of the coolest and tantalizing restaurants I’ve ever been to.  From the moment you walk into Wynwood, you are wowed.  There is art everywhere, with an exquisite piece behind the bar and great decor.  It’s small but very cozy and sort of has a hip lounge feel to it. The menu impressed me as well - providing everything from soups to salads, meat, fish and a wide selection of veggies.

It was a pleasant day so my friend and I decided to sit outside.  We were greeted right away by our server who was very friendly and attentive.  We started with the hummus platter, which came with pita bread, cucumber and roasted peppers.  It was a delight to eat.  The greens were fresh and it’s a sizeable dish.  I proceeded to order the WKB Hamburguesita (mini burgers) -  chef’s selection of protein, pickled jalapeno, cilantro glaze and iceburg lettuce.  Honesty, it didn’t come close to my expectations. For some reason the meat was a bit bland.  I’d go as far and say almost tasteless.  Not to mention I probably could’ve eaten 10 with regards to their lack of magnitude.  Not having satisfied my appetite, I ordered the Queso Frito, which for $9 dollars was over-priced, but good to eat.  My friend went with the skirt steak covered in a very tasty chimichurri sauce. Again, a small dish and yes, over-priced.

Want my advice?  Go in with some friends, have some wine or a few cocktails, look around at the numerous art pieces, take pictures and call it a day.  Although I must admit it’s nice to see that neighborhood flourishing.  Beautiful scenery and a friendly staff, but it put a dent in my pocket and the food did not leave me wanting more.

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