Friday, October 6, 2017

Weekend Eats in New York

I decided to use my airline miles and go visit my brother for the weekend in the great city of New York. Before leaving on my journey, I decided to research a couple of different restaurants and I was super excited to try them out.

Our first stop was Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken in Manhattan’s East Side. The Bromberg Brothers opened Blue Ribbon back in 2013, it is a casual restaurant that’s enthusiastic about their delicious and crispy fried chicken. Now, I know New York is not known for its fried chicken, but let me tell you that Colonel Sanders’ ain’t got nothing on this! The menu includes 9 different chicken sandwiches, delicious sides like their fries with the works, milkshakes, homemade ice cream, and yes, even salads. Another thing that impressed me was their wide selection of Boylon Soda and house made sauces. This place is worth every penny!

After lunch, we took a quick ride to China Town. After what seemed like an eternity, we found some parking (yes, we drove in the city) and made our way to Eggloo. Now if you are looking for traditional Chinese desserts with a twist, this place is for you. Eggloo uses only fresh and exotic ingredients to produce delicious desserts that are made to order. Their specialty is the Hong Kong waffle, known as Gai Dan Jai, which translates to “little eggs” in Chinese. What does that mean, well unlike traditional waffles, Hong Kong egg waffles use a sweet egg based batter to make a crispy outside and a super soft  almost cake like interior. I was recommended to go with the green tea waffle by one of the employees. Trust me it’s worth living for!

The fun doesn’t stop at Eggloo. Later that evening, back in Long Island, I was treated to a small family owned pizza place that’s been in business for over 40 years called Pat’s Family Pizzeria. What makes a good pizza? I would say love and an appreciation of fresh ingredients. At Pat’s, you get great New York style pizza, and it won’t hurt your pocket. Pat’s makes everything fresh and homemade. Their pizza dough is made fresh and they cold ferment it, that is, they store the dough in the refrigerator after forming it. That helps improve both the flavor and the browning features of the pie. When it comes time for choosing your toppings, just go nuts and pick what you like. I prefer to keep it simple and go with half cheese and half pepperoni.

Finally, Sunday came, and to end my weekend, we went to see the New York Jets beat and humiliate our beloved Miami Dolphins. However, the experience wasn’t all bad, thanks to TailgateJoe. If you are looking for a great tailgate experience at Jets home games, or if you are simply a visitor like we were, you got to do TailgateJoe. They are at every Jets home game and arrive about 5 hours before the game starts. Now, the tailgate is free and open to everyone, however if you want to partake in the all you can eat and drink awesomeness, they require you to purchase tickets online. I highly recommend you do so. The food was great and the menu changes every home game. And don’t worry beer lovers, they’ve got you covered with classics like Miller Lite as well as other local craft beer favorites. We interacted with several of the Jets fans and they were surprisingly very welcoming.