Monday, June 24, 2013

Swine Southern Table & Bar

The 50 Eggs Restaurant Group has been making a name for themselves with the openings of Yardbird Southern Table & Bar and Khong River House both located in Miami Beach. So when some classic Southern cooking opened back in March close to home, I knew I was in for a treat. For the past few months I've heard a buzz about Swine Southern Table & Bar located in Coral Gables. After reading the reviews I needed to find out for myself what the fuss was all about. After all I love me some swine and a good strong whiskey.

Swine is a new addition to the dining seen in the Gables. From the moment you walk in, it feels like you've been transported to the Old West. I personally love the décor. It’s rustic, simple, and non-pretentious. One more thing me and my party noticed was it's rather hot inside and the music was a little too loud. Not a big deal but with the restaurant full it did make conversations a bit difficult. For some strange reason Swine doesn't take reservations. So we made our way to the upstairs bar for a couple of drinks while we waited for a table. After looking at the extensive drink menu I started off with Homestead Bound. Very refreshing drink I really enjoyed it. Mind you it was $16. Later I wanted to try the Middleton Very Rare, a premium blended Irish whiskey but not for $30! So I settled for Crown Royal which set me back $13. After tip I spent $37 on just two drinks and we hadn't even begun to eat.

After a thirty five minute wait we had our table. Our server was Cameron, we has very welcoming and knowledgeable about the entire menu. He suggested for starters we have the Grilled Sausage Dou (Pictured above to your left). I must say it’s utterly delicious. The plate includes- Andouille, Cajun boudin, pickles, grilled bread, and their homemade mustard, and pimento cheese. For dinner I ordered the Chicken & Dumplin’s and Mac & Cheese while my friends went with the Dry-rub ribs, and Meat Loaf. The Chicken & Dumplin’s were amazing, that brick-cooked chicken was divine and the serving was just to my liking. Mac & Cheese "forget about it" damn good! So good we ordered a second serving! The ribs were good, just good. Perhaps I’m being bias due to the fact I’m a sauce lover but truthfully it was also a small serving. Seriously for $32 I expect a full rack of ribs! No argument, don’t care! Full rack! The meat loaf was first-class, small but it had great flavor and perfectly cooked.


Dessert came and not soon enough! I love me some apple pie but wait…they also have sticky buns! A slice of heaven is just the perfect way to describe the apple pie. The sticky bun is mouth-watering and the “sweet potato pie” ice cream that accompanies it makes the whole dish come together. I highly recommend you try both.

Let’s quickly discuss my second visit to Swine for brunch. Swine offers a delectable brunch on both Saturday and Sunday from 10:00am to 4:00pm, and they do accept reservations for brunch. The smoked pulled pork sandwich is insanely good! Comes with red cabbage slaw, fried shoestring onions, and Carolina mustard que. Not to be outdone the Swine burger! One of the best burgers I've ever had. I’ll go as far to say one of the best burgers in Miami! That brisket makes it happen. My sweet tooth was calling and that’s where the coffee cake comes in. Plain and simple I loved brunch and looking forward to trying their brisket steak & eggs.

Coffee Cake

At the end of the day I would definitely recommend Swine. I would also recommend that if you’re on a Taco Bell budget you might want to skip it. I really enjoyed the ambiance, service, décor, and food. It’s not pretentious or snotty unlike some other restaurants in the area. For my liking Swine is a great date venue, a fantastic place for brunch or grab a few whiskeys and catch up with friends for happy hour. Thumbs up.