Thursday, January 10, 2013

Killer Pasta Food Truck

If you’re looking for a food truck that delivers great tasting pastas & salads, uses only the freshest ingredients and won’t hurt your pocket, then Killer Pasta has you covered. Unlike others they don’t use pre-made sauces. Using fresh ingredients is something they don’t slip on. When Homestead tomatoes are in season; they make their homemade red sauces using those. When out of season they use canned plum tomatoes from San Marzano, Italy that is famous for their tomatoes. So no matter what time of year you eat at Killer Pasta, their homemade sauce is at a constant high level of freshness. Honestly, I had my second thoughts about ordering pasta from a truck. Other pasta or Italian food trucks will take pre-boiled pasta, add some sauce throw in some meat and call it a dish. Not the case here! They cook your pasta to order. The menu has a little of everything- four different Ravioli, long noodle and Penne dishes, including the dish that started it all the “Killer Penne.” Also a wide verity of salads, side dishes, and even a kid’s menu. Also in the near future they are going to be coming out with 3 new Asian pasta dishes as well as 3 different Mac n' Cheeses. I for one can't wait! Killer Pasta is one of my favorite food trucks in the South Florida area. The food is inexpensive, the portions are big and the service couldn't be friendlier. Be sure to find them in one of the many local food trucks events and check out their full menu at Killer Pasta

Killer Penne

Pasta Fresca

Caramelized Pear

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