Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Are you a fan of eating the finest humanely raised meats, organic cheeses and a wide mix of organic produce? Well then Bocadito’s food truck has your back South Florida! Established back in December of 2010, they specialize in serving up some of the best micro-sandwiches made from the finest organic products and humanely raised meats. Their motto is simple, food first followed by profit second. I quickly came to the realization of that on my first visit.

Driving thru unbearable afternoon traffic on US1, I made it to a corner where Bocaditio’s was posted up for the night. As I made my way up to the truck, I noticed a gorgeous brown eyed girl smiling at me. I knew I was at the right place! Before I made my order I was pleasantly greeted by these sandwich making gods. They had the perfect idea, why not try all six sandwich's.

Bocadito’s serves up six fine sandwiches: the Provoleta, Cuban Reuben, Micro-Cuban, Chikichurri, El Pavo and the Diablo Dulce. It was fortuitous to try all these month watering creations. My taste buds where in heaven with all six, however, two really gave me a mouthgasm. The Cuban Reuben, which consists of nitrate-free corned beef and melted baby-Swiss, topped with organic curtido. Not to be out done was the El Pavo - sliced turkey breast topped with grilled bacon, melted Colby Jack cheese, chipotle mayo and a delicious guacamole spread. Don't let me forget about the fries. Thin cut and crunchy they were great, but if you like yours with a little kick, go with the “spicy mama” fries.

We finished our meal with a refreshing Monin Tropical soda. My friend and I ordered the chipotle pineapple, but they serve up a nice selection including coconut, guava, kiwi, lime and mango. I inquired if they had any lemonade- type drinks, which they don’t, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Bocadito’s marches to the beat of their own drum. They could care less about all the hype that can come with having a food truck. Their goals are simple - serve up good wholesome food with better ingredients, and to keep you coming back for more. With a growing number or loyalists, I’m proud to say I’ve signed on!

Check out www.bocaditostruck.com for info and a lay out of each micro-sandwich which calls attention to the ingredients used on each one.