Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Miami Heat and Pincho Factory Come Together

Years ago, I suggested something that I thought would never happen. Now, not only is it happening, but it’s happening very soon! I love me some Miami Heat basketball. I still reminisce about going to the old Miami Arena to see Glen Rice, Steve Smith, and Rony Seikaly as a kid. I love me some great food as well! I remember going to see a game a few years ago with Nedal Ahmad, CEO of the franchise Pincho Factory. I said to him, “Boy it’d be nice to enjoy a double Pincho burger while seeing Wade dunk on someone.” After a good laugh, he agreed with me. Well, ladies and gentleman, what was initially meant as a joke is finally happening. The American Airlines Arena, or the “Triple A” as its better known, has announced the newest food and drink options for the upcoming Miami Heat season. Pincho Factory is among those options for the upcoming season! 

Pincho Factory will be located upstairs in section 325. The menu will include such local favorites as the “Pincho and Tostón” burger, the “Croquetesa,” steak and chicken sub, salad or pincho, fries, and tots. They’ll also offer 627 Ale, a craft beer made solely for Pincho Factory by the Wynwood Brewing Company. Think of it this way, the Heat have 41 home games! That’s 41 opportunities for us fans to enjoy some of the best burgers and pinchos in town and watch our Miami Heat live! I know I plan to make my way up the stairs, grab some burger goodness, and enjoy the Heat all season long! I hope you’ll be there to join me and LETS GO HEAT!