Wednesday, March 30, 2011

OMG! Burgers

OMG! Burgers is located were Qdoba Mexican Grill used to be on the corner right across the street from the main entrance to Sunset place, on 5748 Sunset Drive.  Just look for the big and bright yellow & red sign OMG! Burgers and you’ve found it.

As I walked in, the first thing you notice is how exceptionally clean the restaurant is.  Quickly after that, the smell of burgers being cooked!  The restaurant has a fast food type of feel to it but with much better food.  They have a simple, yet extensive menu to choose from.  Although, an “order here” sign would help.  At one point I felt lost. I had no idea where to go to place my order!

I went all out and ordered the OMG Burger, which included three patties and three slices of grilled dripping cheese.  They have a wide variety of toppings to choose from at no extra charge.  I went with red onions, jalapenos, and extra pickles.  I asked for my burger to be cooked medium and even. Though it was slightly over-cooked, it was no big deal.  Really, a fine burger to eat but for some strange reason I was still hungry after eating it.  I recommend you always get the fries.  They’re fresh, spicy, crunchy, and really compliment the burger.

The service is one thing that needs a little improvement.  As I stood there, looking at the menu, I felt like the girl behind the counter just wanted me to hurry up and order already!  I figured that out after the third or fourth time she asked, “what would you like to order?”  Which is when I finally replied, "give me a sec."  The cook seemed to be more interested in what Snoop Dogg was Tweeting rather than my burger.  Now I know why it was a little over-cooked.

OMG! Burger is good, but again nothing special.  If you’re short on cash or want a fast meal to go, it’s a good place to visit.  Plus, they're open late.  So after a movie at Sunset you can drop in for a late-night meal.

OMG! Burger

Monday, March 28, 2011

Shake Shack

A huge favorite among New Yorkers, Shake Shack finally made it to sunny Miami. It can be found at 1111 Lincoln Road in South Beach.

The burger is a simple meal to make. A great burger, I think, is all about the freshness of the ingredients and quality of the meat. Shake Shack gets a 5 star in my book. And did I mention the fries are great as well!

The factor that separates the Shack from other Burger places is the genuine feeling of getting a well constructed burger. It doesn't need condiments or fancy toppings to be loved by so many. Lettuce, cheese, tomato, pickles, the bread, and that beautiful Black Angus patty just waiting to be devoured! It's not just some fabricated plastic bun like other places.

As for the decor, they went all out to stay true to its Madison Square Park roots. Yet, still very "Miami" styled at the same time. Seating inside is nice with high top tables and elevated ceilings. Outside is pleasant as well, with large round-tabled seating for the perfect people watching in the Beach's most prominent mall, Lincoln Road.

A typical order should be a Shake Burger, cheese fries, & some sort of insanely delicious frozen custard concoction. If you’re a veggie, come by as well. Their veggie burger is one of the best that I’ve tried. Indulge, my Miami people, because in NYC you have to wait in a line for half an hour just to place your order.
Double Cheeseburger with everything

Shrum Burger

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dolci Peccati Gelato

By Far the sweetest thing on wheels!

Take it from me "it's the best Gelato in town!"

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Island Fish Co. @ Marathon Fla.

I live in Miami but spend a lot of time at our summer place in the Keys, located in Marathon. There are many good and great restaurants in the keys, but when I’m down that way you can be sure to find me at The Island. It's located right off US1, bay side, on the Overseas Hwy, mile marker 54. Come by car or boat for breakfast, lunch or dinner and happy hour from 3pm-5pm.

Call me a regular there. I’ve dined at least 25 to 30 times at The Island and the food has never let me down. I’ve tried almost everything on the menu; The Island's Seafood Tower, Fried Calamari, Conch Fritters, Grouper & Dolphin Sandwich, Chicken Caesar salad, Barbeque Shrimp, my favorite dish- the Macho Chicken Nachos, and off coarse their burgers.

I ordered the Sirloin Beef Burger, which is char-grilled Angus beef with cheese, bacon and jalapenos. The burger was slightly under-cooked which is not bad because most places, when you order medium, cook it medium-well. The meat had a good flavor too. It was nothing special, but it’s big and very well-presented. Instead of fries, I ordered tatter tots, which were phenomenally good to eat with the burger. I have to say, for a place that specializes in seafood the burger wasn’t too bad. I would recommend it. For dessert I had the Key Lime Pie, which is always awesome. I would also recommend the Four Berry Pie.

We sat with Marta, I believe. I wish all servers were like her; very friendly and attentive, always coming around asking if we needed anything, and she made sure our drinks were always filled to the top. I enjoy sitting at the bar sometimes but I try to avoid it, unfortunately the service is ok at best, and I’m being nice. I usually sit at the bar in the evening for a cold drink and the bartenders seem to be bothered when you ask them a simple question. They don't come around as often as they should. At one point I felt like jumping over the bar and getting the beer myself. For someone who’s there as much as I am, it would be nice for someone to remember my face and name!

In all, The Island is a great place to visit. Just lay back with a good cold drink, fresh seafood, and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Honestly, I can’t wait to go back...

Sirloin Beef Burger


 Macho Chicken Nachos

Dolphin Sandwich 


Monday, March 21, 2011

Gordon Biersch Miami

This place is great!  I absolutely love all of their home-brewed beers.  Our waitress was Dina, and I have to say that she was a pro!  I've had few wait staff tend to our table with as much friendliness and as great an attitude as she had.  We were a party of 5 happy people, all with a different sense of humor, and she had a come-back for all of our comments and jokes.
I ordered the Märzen Barbecue Burger with smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, extra jalepenos and Märzen barbecue sauce.  I ordered the burger to be cooked medium and even though it was just a bit overcooked it tasted very good.  The barbecue was a perfect compliment to it.  Besides the burgers, I would recommend their mahi mahi sandwich.  It is awesome, and has a great sauce.  The pizza, on the other hand, I'd stay away from.  It's not as good as it looks and it was way to small, at least for me.  I must say dessert was a treat. I love cheese cake, and Gordon Biersch's version was one of the best.  Just looking at the picture makes me want to get one right now!

Overall, the restaurant has a nice atmosphere, good American food with a twist, and its not so expensive for being on Brickell.  I think you get the same food for what you would pay at a more expensive steakhouse that charges almost double.  Pleasant lunch would be back again!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Gilbert's 17th Street Grill

Gilbert’s 17Th St Grill... I loved this place! The moment I walked in I was greeted with a smile and a hello. Gilbert's has awesome customer service, and the food happens to be amazing.

Family-owned and operated by the same owners who started Kansas City Steak House in Davie, Gilbert’s opened in South Florida almost two years ago, and has been a staple in Fort Lauderdale ever since.

It took me almost 45 minutes to get there and it was definitely worth it. I ordered the Goat Cheese Burger which is an 8oz. pattie with caramelized onions and, yes, lots of goat cheese. The meat was cooked to a perfect medium and I became a big fan of the sweet potato fries very quickly. My friend had the Louisiana Beef burger which tasted as good as it looks. The Louisiana is cajun-style, and comes with your cheese of choice. The fries are homemade and hand cut, and the coleslaw is made fresh everyday and tastes great. After all that we had eaten, we still had room for dessert. The key lime pie was simply amazing. Beth’s own concoction called Brownie Burgers are a simple, yet massive “mountain of goodness,” as I called them.

Throughout our time there, both employees and owners were extremely attentive. At one point I thought I was a movie star.I must say I left Gilbert’s very happy. A return visit is already in the works. Gilbert's is open from 11am to 9pm, Monday-Saturday.

Overall, Gilbert’s 17th St Grill has a Mom/Pop type of feel to it, but with food fit for a high-end restaurant minus the price tag. I absolutely see myself becoming a regular.

Thank you, and tell Beth Johnny sent you...

Louisiana Beef Burger

Thank you for a great lunch experience :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pincho Factory

Pincho Factory was my 39th spot on this burger search and I wish I would’ve gone sooner. Located in a small strip mall, you can’t miss the big sign. It’s small, but modern and ultra clean. I ordered the double burger cooked the way I wanted with extra chipotle sauce which is awesome especially if you like spice. I slowly took my first bite and knew right away this was one of the best burgers I had ever eaten. The meat had a great flavor to it and the cheese completed the burger. The fries were crunchy with just the right amount of salt on them.

I really liked this place and, for the price, you really can’t beat it. I met Nedal the owner and head chef. He was very hospitable and friendly and I told him I could not wait to be back. You guys got to check out this place 9860 sw 40th st right on Bird Road. Just tell them Johnny sent you!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

STK Miami Beach

STK is located off the lobby in the Gansevoort Hotel SoBe. These "lil Big Macs" with Japanese wagyu, special sauce on a sesame seed bun were good but STK is simply overrated and over-hyped. There are many great venues in Miami worth visiting and I had such high expectations for STK.  The restaurant had a good vibe and a live DJ playing a good mix of music,  but I left disappointed and the service was o.k... at best. If it weren’t for a gorgeous date and these lil Big Macs, that night would have sucked.  We both agreed that the lil' Big Macs were better than the main course (she had to return the fish because it was not at all fresh).  For dessert we had Cheese Cake Lollipop Trio which was good, and something different, but like a lot of things on the menu... a little over priced.  All in all, STK is good for having a few drinks and trying to spot some celebrities but I would rather dine at RED or Prime 112.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Taurus Bar @ Coconut Groove

 From the moment I walked in here I got a good impression.  This place is a bit small, but not cramped.  It had more of a cozy sense with a very clean and an old feel to it.  Think of it as the watering hole of Coconut Grove.  The burger I ate was simply amazing!  It had a home-made  backyard barbeque taste to it.  Plus, any burger that I don’t have to add ketchup, mustard or “secret sauce” to it means its perfect just the way it is!  

Taurus is a definite must go!  Next time I am attending their happy hour.   Plus they have karaoke and live music.  Nice clean bar, friendly and helpful bartender, street side seating, good happy hour prices and COLD drinks. What's not to like?  Head over to Taurus and tell them Johnny sent you! Cheers!