Tuesday, July 19, 2011

CG Burgers

I’m going to keep this short, sweet, and to the point. I visited CG Burgers because they claim they are “serving the best burgers on the planet.” I tried dining at CG Burgers once before but the place was ridiculously packed! As a matter a fact, it was pure chaos in there! We decided to come in a few days later after the lunch rush and it took us less than five minutes to place our order. One thing I really liked was how clean the place was, even the bathrooms, which is far less then I can say about some other places.

I ordered the Bigger Burger, a 9oz. all natural beef patty, cooked medium. I asked them for “the works” for toppings which include lettuce, tomatoes, onion, pickles, mayo, mustard and ketchup. I also asked them for jalapenos and their chipotle sauce. If it wasn’t for the freshness of the toppings and the spice of the jalapenos the burger would’ve had no taste! After a few bites I proceeded to try my brother’s burger, the Kobe Beef burger. What I found puzzling was that on their menu, under the Kobe Beef burger, it says all natural American Kobe. Wait, the last time I checked, Kobe beef is Japanese right? Never the less, the girl behind the counter assured us it was real Kobe. I have to say if that was Kobe beef then I’m Kobe Bryant! My brother’s girlfriend ordered the Napa Valley burger, which came with goat cheese, arugula and balsamic honey mustard. By far, it was the best tasting item on the table next to the sweet potato fries which were delicious.

One thing I did like about CG Burgers was there full bar and wide section of beers. Unfortunately, I did not take advantage of it but if I do return I’ll defiantly order a few beers. That should help pass the after taste of my tasteless burger!

“Serving the best burgers on the planet,” .... no sir! I mean, if you’re going to make a claim like that you better back it up. The sad thing is that I like this place better than 5 Guys Burger and Fries and even OMG Burgers. So what do you think that says about those other places? I say if your close by, stop in but if you have a better option by all means take it!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Irish Times

Whether it’s for a special event like St. Patrick’s Day or a relaxing happy hour with friends, I’ve always been drawn to Irish Pubs.  Miami has its fair share of Irish pubs and I’ve noticed that they all look very similar!  Seriously. it’s like they’re all architecturally schizophrenic.  I tend to notice the difference with the food and service. 

I’ve visited Irish Times just once before, never knowing they had such a tasty burger.  Their potato skins, bangers & mash and sheppard’s pie are all satisfactory and well presented.  They have the best fish and chips I’ve had in Miami, and the beef and Guinness stew is awesome!  I think most people going to an Irish pub might not be too interested in eating so called “real Irish food”, they are there to drink!

One thing I noticed about the menu was that there weren’t many choices for burgers, just one actually.  Besides the sliders, which are delicious by the way, I had the Irish Times burger.  The burger pattie had a great smoked flavor to it and was cooked to a perfect medium-rare.  It came with American bacon, caramelized onions, American cheese and jalapenos.  Any time the pattie is bigger than the bun, it’s a major win in my book!  Big and messy, just how I like it! It took a while for me to finish. The waitress came around to take my plate and I said, “No wait, it’ll be a sin to throw that out!”  I’m not a big fan of their house fries, so I ordered the sweet potato fries to try something new, and they did not disappoint. Good eating is an understatement to say the least.

Our waitress was friendly, courteous, and attentive.  We had our drinks on the table very quickly and the sliders were not far behind. We were there for happy hour and gradually the place starting filling up around 9pm.  She did not skip a beat.  She checked on us quite often and our drinks were always topped off.  Overall, I was satisfied with the service and it was a pleasant experience.

Irish Times has a very good drink menu and I’d recommend this place for happy hour (Monday-Friday 4-7 pm) any day.  I spoke to the GM Billy who was very helpful and reassured me that in just a few weeks they are having a new burger menu coming out, with 6-8 new burgers!  I promised him a return visit for that Guacamole burger he plans on cooking up!

Can wait to get back to Irish Times.  The hospitality I felt throughout the night reassured me of another return!  The Irish Times is located at 5058 Sunset Drive on the corner of 58th court, just a few blocks West of Sunset Place.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Rolling Stove

 Whenever there is a food truck gathering I make sure to look for those bright red and yellow flames! When it comes to food trucks,  I’m very picky.  I want to make sure I get quality and not go over my budget.  The Rolling Stove stands alone when it comes to that!  Chef and owner Troy Thomas hit the nail on the head, providing great food for a reasonable price, and outstanding customer service.  I ordered the Jerk Burger.  It was hot and spicy, just how I like it.  The patty,  which is a mix of short rib, brisket, ribeye & bacon, was flavored with their secret jerk rub and jerk BBQ recipe.  The onions and sauce gave it a sweetness that blends well with the spiciness.  It’s a sizable and messy burger.  One I enjoyed eating!

 I regret waiting so long to try The Rolling Stove.  By far it’s on my top 3 list of food trucks!  Don’t waste your time standing in long lines, waiting for overpriced and overcooked pieces of meat!  Check out The Rolling Stove; winner of 'best burger among food trucks' by eater.com.  Follow them on Facebook and Twitter!