Thursday, March 10, 2011

STK Miami Beach

STK is located off the lobby in the Gansevoort Hotel SoBe. These "lil Big Macs" with Japanese wagyu, special sauce on a sesame seed bun were good but STK is simply overrated and over-hyped. There are many great venues in Miami worth visiting and I had such high expectations for STK.  The restaurant had a good vibe and a live DJ playing a good mix of music,  but I left disappointed and the service was o.k... at best. If it weren’t for a gorgeous date and these lil Big Macs, that night would have sucked.  We both agreed that the lil' Big Macs were better than the main course (she had to return the fish because it was not at all fresh).  For dessert we had Cheese Cake Lollipop Trio which was good, and something different, but like a lot of things on the menu... a little over priced.  All in all, STK is good for having a few drinks and trying to spot some celebrities but I would rather dine at RED or Prime 112.

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