Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Filling Station

Finally found time to make it to The Filling Station, located at 95 Southeast 2nd St in Downtown Miami.  Make a note - the parking sucks and is expensive in the area.  This place has the potential to become my new watering hole.  There is nothing to really 'wow' you once you walk in, but the place has a nice set-up going.  A couple of flat screen TV’s adorn the walls, a karaoke stage, and a humble looking bar with pictures of customers attempting their famous “Eighteen Wheeler” burger challenge.

We went for lunch when they opened at 11:30 in the am.  Getting there early was a wise choice. Within a few minutes the place started picking up with hungry patrons eager to satisfy themselves. We where quickly greeted by our server, I’d expect that, being that we were the only ones there.  However, I noticed others being treated with good service and smiles.  Not to mention, the attractive young lady at the door greeting everyone as they walked in.

We started with an order of 8 wings with the “party in your mouth” sauce.  They were delectable to say the least.  A bit pricy ($8.41), I thought, for 8 wings but they are a must try.  We ordered three different burgers: Erica’s El Dorado, Caddy, and the Hearse.  I was a little dishearten with mine, the Hearse, but not because it didn’t taste good. On the contrary, it was cooked perfectly, had great flavor and sizeable but it wasn’t hot enough!  The menu clearly states it’s “a VERY VERY SPICY BURGER.” Really? I was waiting for the kick of spice after every bite, but it just wasn’t there.  Both of my companions enjoyed their burgers very much.  Not to be dismissed in anyway -  the tater tots!  Those “potato pom-poms” where awesome and crunchy - a perfect side to go with the burger.

The Filling Station gets a passing grade from me. Fair prices, good service, quality ingredients, attractive menu and nice atmosphere.  An added bonus -  they have free delivery and they cater.  I happened to see one of the catered platters and it looked amazing.  Whether you’re having a corporate event, wedding, or private party, they have you covered.  As they say, “We are only limited by your imagination.”  Next time in Downtown, swing by, you won’t be disappointed.


  1. Hahahahaaha....!!! You had the Bone Lee's Smokey Ghost / Scorpion Burger at Gilbert's and now nothing is gonna be hot enough...!!!

  2. I don’t know, maybe something was missing on it. My friend had that burger and told me it was hot as hell.

  3. Tell your friend to show up at ROK:BRGR Wed and I'll show him hot... I'm makin some Bone Lee's Smokey Ghost / Scorpion today for Gilbert's... I'll have some on hand...