Friday, April 1, 2011

Pincho Factory Part 2

Yes, yes I know this is a burger blog but this isn’t your average hot dog. It’s the “that's what she said” dog at Pincho Factory. Ever since my first visit here I was dying to make a return trip for another mouth-watering burger but I had to put that on hold until next time.

There is a reason why this “masterpiece,” as I called it, always sells out. Customized just for me by Nadal, who was gracious enough to make sure my dog was extra spicy, just how I love it. Each part of this giant compliments the next, beautifully. From the lightly toasted bun, the crispy dog, the different signature Pincho Factory sauces, jalapenos, and a good amount of potato sticks, which helped keep everything together.

I consider myself lucky to have a place so close to home with great food and wonderful service. I plan on making Pincho Factory my second home. I hope you will too.

"That's what she said"

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