Friday, April 15, 2011

CheeseBurger @ Key West

Cheeseburger was an interesting experience to say the least.  It's located in the middle of Key West, right off 217 Duval St.  We stopped in for dinner due to the long wait time at the other restaurant. Hindsight being 20/20, we should’ve waited.

Cheeseburger has a good selection of burgers but good luck reading the menu.  It’s pretty difficult to read.  Nothing seems to be in order.  Last time I checked, “starters” and “appetizers” should be on the first page not in the middle.  And it would be nice if they cleaned the menus every once in a while.  A friend’s menu and mine were surprisingly greasy.   In fact, I went to the restroom to clean my hands after ordering.  First time I’ve done that.

I ordered the Kobe burger.  Which by the way is the ONLY burger that comes with fries and you can order it cooked the way you want.  Every other burger is cooked medium-well to well, which I find ridiculous!  I remember the waitress saying, “This burger is huge.”  Funny because once it made its way to the table, I couldn’t believe how small it was.  It took me no more than five minutes to eat.  It took me longer to eat the sweet potato fries!  The burger had a good flavor to it.  The guacamole was fresh, and the pineapple really added a nice mixture.  For the price the burger is, it's just way to small! After my meal I was still hungry, which is not how you want to feel.  The fries were o.k.  I found myself picking at my friends cheese fries which were a delight to eat.

Unfortunately what ruined everything, for me at least, was the service.  Question: why would the appetizers come out at the same time as the meal?  That’s why they’re appetizers!  At one point there were so many plates and glasses on the table there was little room to even eat!  I mean seriously, I don’t care how busy or slow things are, I am not just paying for the food.  I’m paying for good service.  Trust me, most of the menu items are way too expensive.  Just because I take a few minutes to drink my beer, doesn’t mean I have to wait ten minutes to get the next one.  My friends had the same problem with their drinks.  Also, if you like drinking shots, BEWARE! The Patron shots we ordered seemed to be watered down.  Or it simply wasn't Patron.

My thing is this; You never know who will walk into your restaurant or up to your food truck. Cheeseburger is way over-priced and I’d call it a “tourist trap.”  My advice? Don’t waste your time or money…that’s why I’m here.  Key West has many great restaurants all over the place and Cheeseburger isn't one of them.

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