Monday, June 6, 2011

Burger & Beer Joint

With two locations serving South Florida - in Miami Beach and now Brickell, these massively delicious burgers have made me a consistent regular at Burger & Beer Joint.  When I’m at the beach for some fun in the sun I honestly can’t wait until it’s over, knowing that a stop at B&B is due.  Who doesn’t love a good burger, and greatness is a word that I'm going to toss around quite often.  My advice is make a reservation, especially if your dining out on a Friday or Saturday night. Unless you don’t mind waiting an hour (which I have) or more to be seated.

Their food and drink menu is extensive and full of incredible things to try. I highly recommend their fried pickles, which I'm a huge fan of. Besides the fried pickles at The Pub in the Pembroke Gardens shops, B&B has the best I’ve tried. Their“create your own” section which makes you the boss!  Pick from different meats, cheese, and sauces to have your burger your way!  For those of you that aren’t into burgers, or prefer a healthier alternative, they have salads on the menu as well as a veggie burger.

Beside their ginormous Mother Burger, I’ve tried each and every burger on the menu, from Fly Like an Eagle to the Hotel California.  My personal favorite without question is Sympathy for the Devil which consists of 10 oz prime Angus, buffalo chili, sharp cheddar, pickled jalapeno, sour cream, habanero sauce, sesame bun, lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle and I always order their sweet potato fries and a side of guacamole.  This burger has it all - size, taste and if your a fan of spice it'll leave you ready to cool down with one of their delicious shakes.

Unfortunately the one thing B&B is lacking is consistency in service.  On this subject I consider myself an expert.  As someone who’s dinned there close to 20 times, it seems almost every time I'm there, an issue comes up.  From throwing the plate of food on the table, eyes rolling when you ask for something and getting the order mixed up. What keeps me coming back is the food!  Also, it would be nice to walk in some day and find someone that remembers my name. After all, I am a REGULAR!

Regardless I still give Burger and Beer Joint two thumbs way up. Take it from me, you won’t be disappointed. From what I can remember the food has always left me satisfied. Just know what your going to get with the service, it's like flipping a coin. Hopefully you're there at the right time. Visit B&B


  1. I prefer the one at Brickell. You?

  2. I’d say Brickell as well. Simply because there many bar, lounge’s and different restaurants just walking distance away. And its newer and I like the crowd their better.