Thursday, August 21, 2014

Second Annual Frita Showdown

Thanks to the Burger Beast the Second Annual Frita Showdown happened at Miami's very own Magic City Casino for the second consecutive year. Once a premier South Florida dog race venue, now a casino and concert venue. But just a couple of weeks ago, it served as the battle ground for some of the Miami's best Fritas. Once inside, I made a B-line for the sangria booth where Sangria Don Chu was serving up, what they claim, is the "best sangria in town." I definitely enjoyed a cup. As for best sangria? Well my mom still holds that title.
 As I went down the line of Frita competitors first up was Bread+Butter located in Coral Gables. Chef Alberto submitted his infamous 'Frita China'. Delicious as always! Great, flavorful, juicy patty. Just the first one and I almost casted my vote.
 Second were the Cuban Guys. A new chain of Cuban fast food to Miami. They showcased their basic Frita in full size, no samplers here! They brand their very fresh tasting Cuban bread on every order.
Next down the line was FINKA Table and Tap. The brand new Cuban/Peruvian/Korean place down in Kendall. There's a lot of buzz about this place so I was excited to taste their Fritas. Which I was sad to find out are not on their menu and were only available at the Showdown. It was very good.
The always classic and quintessential Frita from non other than the wizard himself, El Mago de las Fritas. An absolute work of art.
The main event of this years Showdown was the collaboration between one of Miami's best burger joints and a Miami staple. A fried croqueta burger from Pincho Factory served with a heaping side of Rio Critals famous fries. It was something you just had to witness and try for yourself! Ohhh Pincho!
Latin House grill, celebrating their new brick and mortar place, was also competing with their own take on a Frita, adding cheese and big chip slices (a big no-no.. NO in my Frita book.)
 Fantastic Pastelitos provided some of the desserts like these guava and chocolate pastelitos, yes, they have chocolate Pastelitos. Sweetness bake shops also had mini tres Leches and flans. (Not pictured here)
 The cast of judges this year included Chef Jose Mendin of the Pubelly Group, Roxanne Vargas from NBC's 6 in the Mix, John Kunkel of 50Eggs group and Richard Hales of Sakaya Kitchen and BlackBrick Chinese in midtown.
Cafe Bustelo also supplied the event with countless cups of cafecito.
By the end of a fulfilling night El Rey De Las Fritas swept the competition. 
Photo via Burger Beast

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