Friday, August 29, 2014

Miami Dolphins: New Food Options At Sun Life Stadium for 2014 season.

As the Miami Dolphins gear up for the 2014 NFL football season on the field, the organization is embarking on an initiative to enhance the culinary experience for fans at Sun Life Stadium. Throughout the off season, the Dolphins launched a campaign to find out what food options us Dolfans wanted to enjoy during game day. Suggestions were taken from fans across the spectrum. Consequently, the Dolphins selected seven restaurants based on the fan feedback, quality of the products, value, and local variety in the South Florida area. Miami Dolphins President & CEO Tom Garfinkel said, “We had a great response from fans about the food they wanted and went out to try to deliver many of their request.” He also went on to say, “One of the things that’s very important to us is getting the food and the concessions as good as it can be.” I couldn’t agree more. Thanks to this campaign, Dolfans can now feast on a large range of edible delicacies.

Burger Fi which I love is a fast-casual burger concept, originally from Delray Beach, that will be located in section 130. The menu includes their delicious Burger Fi cheese burger ($10). A juicy 6.6 ounce double Angus burger which is hormone-free and antibiotic free covered in melted cheese. They will also include the VegeFi burger for you veggie eaters ($9). This crisp quinoa and lentil burger is sure to be a fan favorite. As most of you know I’m not particular to vegetarian burgers, but it is very good if I must say so myself.

Other unique, delicious fan favorites such as tuna wontons, homemade mac & cheese balls, and bacon & bleu cheese sliders can be found at Bokampaer’s Sports Bar & Grill, located at the 300 level, just above the eastern end zone. Former Miami Dolphin Kim Bokamper will have a prime location in Sun Life Stadium. Aside from the amazing food, It will provide fans with air- conditioned comfort and game day action from across the league. Dolfans enjoying the game from Bokampers MVP Skybox can sign up to become a Bokampers MVP member and enjoy many perks both at the stadium and when dining at any of the Bokampers location across South Florida. 

The Dolphins also selected to feature another local alumni, Bob Brudzinki. Bru’s Room Sports Grill at section 154 will offer fans a slight twist to classic football grub. The menu will include local favorites like the always fresh, never frozen Bru’s Wings ($10). These jumbo wings are tossed in their spicy hot sauce for you traditional wing lovers or a tangy BBQ sauce for those of us that like to be more adventurous. Another classic football favorite is Bru’s classic all white meat breaded chicken tenders ($11.50) and fries, seasoned in their personal special blend ($5). 

Now to get a real sense of “Miami” flavor, the Dolphins are proud to welcome a Miami favorite, Cuban Guys! This fast casual concept is located in section 425. They serve up a traditional Cuban sandwich ($10), steak sandwich ($10), delicious yuca fries ($5), “papa rellena” or stuffed potatoes ($6) and of course croquettes ($4) and several other options.

The Dolphins also partnered with renowned Chef Michelle Bernstein. Taking a page from her design district café, Crumb on Parchment, Chef Michelle will offer a selection of homemade sandwiches, salads and delectable side dishes. The café will be located in the BankUnited Club Level at section 213 and the prices range from $10-$12 per item. 

In the spirit of inclusivity and dining diversity, the Dolphins also made sure to offer fans an exceptional sushi option from Sushi Maki, located at section 241. The menu includes sushi ($12), sashimi ($11), jumbo shrimp cocktails ($15) and tasty skewered chicken or shrimp for only ($3). 

Another fan favorite that will continue to serve hungry Dolfans will be Everglades BBQ. Everglades BBQ smokes their pork right at the stadium and are located in sections 156, 241, 256 and 443. There will also be a location outside by gate E just steps away from the Dolphins fan store. You can also use your sense of smell to guide you to the Everglades tent. The menu will include their BBQ pulled port sandwich ($10), smoked BBQ wings ($12), their Cajun bacon grilled cheese sandwich ($10), and fulfilling BBQ pulled pork nachos ($10). These nachos are spicy and topped with a homemade jalapeño cheese sauce, chili, jalapeños, a citrus-chipotle barbecue sauce and smoked pork. Other menu items include grilled chicken ciabatta sandwich, foot long hot-dogs, and Italian sausage links all priced $12-$9.

Something that I really enjoyed was the “Build your own pasta” bowl which is new for 2014 and located at section 217. This unique offering will give fans the opportunity of crafting their own Italian masterpiece. You can pick from different meats, vegetables, herbs and sauces; and it’s cooked right in front of you and onto a healthy pile of penne pasta. I say pair it with your favorite wine or beer before heading back to your seat.

“Taste of the NFL,” an organization created to help raise money for food banks across the country will also be there to roll out new food items of the visiting team’s home. For example, fresh lobster rolls for the Sept 7th home opener against New England; and Pack & Cheese for the Oct 12th game against Green Bay. 

Although traditional, die-hard tailgaters (like myself), may balk at the idea of eating stadium food, the Dolphins expanded dining initiative is definitely exciting. Just the fact that the organization took the time, money, and effort to do this, speaks volumes about how important the fans are to them. The large array of dining options located throughout the stadium will allow fans to indulge in whatever food they’re in the mood for on game day at a somewhat reasonable price. Let us all hope we can be as excited about the product they put on the field. Go Dolphins!