Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Big Pink

We’ve dined several times before at Big Pink for breakfast but never tried their burgers. Located on Collins ave in South Beach, the Big Pink is known for big portions, an overwhelming menu and a lively atmosphere. We decided to go for lunch and make it a burger outing. My brother and I have enjoyed breakfast at Big Pink many times. There is not doubt you get your money’s worth. You get a big plate with plenty of food on it! Their French toast and corned beef hash are to die for. Naturally, we were excited and expecting another good dining experience.

We sat down and right away our server asked us what we wanted to drink. Our waitress was friendly, but I guess she was new because we ordered two beers yet we were served two waters. It took close to 10 minutes for us to get our beers which were at room temperature once we got them. Besides that, everything else went off without a hitch.

We finally placed our order. I went with the BBQ burger and my brother ordered the Swiss and Mushroom burger. My burger was a 10 oz. Angus patty with apple wood smoked bacon, fried onions, barbecue sauce & jack cheese. My goodness I was disappointed! It literally tasted like nothing. I mean besides the sauce & cheese, the patty itself was dry and over cooked. My sweet potato fries where mushy and greasy as well. I couldn’t finish eating either. I ended up ordering a salad. My brother’s burger, however, was pretty good. Lots of Swiss cheese and mushrooms is always a winning combination. After our meal we decided to stick to breakfast at Big Pink.

I recommend this place, perhaps not for burgers, but like I said earlier, their breakfast is amazing. A big plus is if you’re staying in the South Beach area, they deliver until the wee hours of the morning. In any case, stop in and tell me what you think… maybe you’ll love the Big Pink.

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  1. Never tried the burgers but yes their breakfast is delicious.