Thursday, August 4, 2011

Kitchen 305

 Located in the lobby of The Newport Beachside Hotel in Sunny Isles, we decided to visit Kitchen 305 on Thursday night for their “Karaoke & Burger night." We arrived around 8:15pm and the place was almost empty. The hostess was very friendly and sat us right away. The place was very clean and the bar was gorgeous. I decided to take a walk around and I realized how small it is. I have no clue how they hold so many nightly events. The place must feel like a zoo when it’s packed!
It took a while for the server to get to us, which had me wondering how the service must be when the dinner rush ensues. Burger night at Kitchen 305 consist of 10 burgers, each 10 oz. for $10. This is a good deal considering the prices on their menu. I went with the Texas BBQ burger. It came with pepper jack cheese, chipotle bbq sauce, onion rings and crispy bacon. After the first bite I fell in love with the burger. The meat itself had a great smoked flavor to it. The bacon was great, and the onion rings on top added a good crunch. My companions went with the Santa Fe, 305, and Whole lotta lovin. All of them felt the same way about their burger and really enjoyed it. Besides one burger being a little too over cooked, the meal was virtually perfect.  After, we decided to order some dessert. It took less than thirty seconds before I heard, “$8.50 for ice cream!!! Who do these people think they are Serendipity 3?” As much as I love and wanted ice cream at the time there is no way I’m paying 9 bucks for it! Finally, between two of us, we ordered the $10 crem brulee and to our disgust they were out of it. How do you run out of crem brulee? Sadly we left without any dessert.
Our server was friendly but didn’t come around as much as he should have. However, he was on top of the affluent appearing patrons next to us like white on rice. Trust me when I’m getting thirsty there is a problem. One thing I would like to add is that my friend had something in his wine glass, and our server without question took the glass and brought another right away. He told us it was Kitchen 305 policy to bring a new glass/drink if there is something wrong with it, no charge.

Overall it was a good experience, but there is nothing fancy about this place. Sorry, I just can’t call a place fancy or "high class" if it holds a bikini contest in the same room where I eat. Besides a few appetizers the menu is way overpriced. Seriously people, the economy is bad. The burger was damn good but you won’t see me ordering a steak there any time soon. If I'm going to dine at a place where I'm gonna pay $34 for a T-bone or rack of lamb & $35 for filet mignon you'll find me at Red, The Steakhouse or Prime 112. I do however plan to make a return trip, I want my crem brulee.


  1. I like the happy hour here but its was over overpriced.


  2. Over priced is an overstatement! But their burgers are very good.