Monday, July 9, 2012

Lulu in the Grove

I’m a firm believer that good things come in small packages. Proof of this concept is Lulu in the Grove, located in the heart of Coconut Grove at 3105 Commodore Plaza. Don’t let its size full you - Lulu has much to offer. With its chic décor, mellow vibe, exciting dishes, happy hour drink specials Monday through Friday from 4-7pm and your choice of indoor or outdoor seating, Lulu is the perfect place for a first date, people watching or simply some relaxing time alone.

On our first visit my friends and I arrived just after 7pm. I was pleasantly surprised at how cordial and warm everyone was; from the manager to the busboy the entire staff made all of us feel very welcomed. We made our way to the bar which takes up most of the space inside the restaurant, sat down and right away Elizabeth took care of us. She told us about their specials for the evening and informed us that if this was our first visit, we would receive complimentary sangria by checking in on Foursquare (information that ended up coming in very handy).

We started off our meal by ordering the Spinach and Artichoke Dip with tortilla chips and their Sweet & Spicy Ginger Chicken Wings. While both of the appetizers were fantastic, the wings really wowed me. They were so good they managed to make my “Top 5 Wing Joints in Miami” list. Later on I decided to try the Kobe Beef Slider. Well presented and cooked to a perfect medium-rare, I actually just stared at it for a while before eating it. It’s pricey - $6 just for one, but the flavor is most definitely worth it (though, for its size and price range I wouldn't mind having two on my plate). My friends went with the Seafood Pasta which was absolutely perfect. We finished with a Lulu’s Café and me having the sweet tooth that I do, I decided to try the mango cheesecake. While not terrible, I wasn't really feeling this dessert.

A few weeks later, I came in for lunch to finally try the Lulu burger - a 10oz Angus burger with massive strips of bacon, Swiss cheese, and chipotle sauce. As I waited for my meal the bartender made me delicious freshly squeezed lemonade. When the burger arrived it was cooked perfectly medium and looked absolutely delicious. Memo to all burger lovers: when there’s more pattie then bun it’s a good thing! Creativity and fresh ingredients made this burger a delight to eat, and the steamed asparagus I substituted for the fries was a welcoming compliment.

Friendly service, an enticing menu, a great wine list and a “high class” feel make Lulu in the Grove one of the best spots in Miami. Seriously, what more can you ask for? At Lulu the customer is #1. I’ve really enjoyed my visits and am sure I’ll be a regular there in no time. Stop in for a quick bite or a bottle of wine and I’m sure you’ll fall in love just as easily as I did.

Visit Lulu online at Lulu in the Grove or on Twitter @LuluintheGrove


  1. Lulu's ladies night is awesome!

  2. Thursdays nights free glass of sangria yes!