Monday, May 2, 2011

Nexxt Cafe

Yes, the portions are pretty large,  the menu is made for a giant. There’s great people watching, and a ten minute wait is really a 45 minute one.  If you’re o.k. with all of these, then Nexxt Café on Lincoln Road is for you.
We decided to sit outside and "enjoy” the outdoor seating. Quickly we found that the tables are way too close to each other. There’s barely enough space to move once you sit down.  Due to the amounts of food on the floor, there were a few flies and birds going around. Not to mention the occasional bird droppings from the sky, which actually made it a bit exciting.

Our waitress was pretty busy so she forgot some of the drinks we ordered. Which left us thirsty throughout our meal.  She was very friendly and very familiar with that giant menu so that made up for it. Being friendly and having a pretty smile goes a long way with me. We ordered the Calamari for starters.  It’s massive to say the least. Very tender and I love the dipping sauce it came with.

I ordered the “One Pounder,” grilled Angus Beef cooked medium with American cheese, lots of bacon, and I asked them to bring me some of their Jalapeno mayonnaise.  As you can see it’s pretty big.  It was a bit over cooked, but the meat was soft and had a good flavor to it. The jalapeno mayo was great, I was even dipping my fries in it. I usually eat most of my burgers with lettuce and tomato but for some reason I did not like the taste of it. It wasn’t fresh at all, and the tomato had a weird smell to it.  Other than that the burger was just fine.

My friend had the Baja Chicken Tacos.  "Yes, they look great but beware," he said. The tacos were tasty but had very little spice. The black beans were nasty, and left him with a stomach ache. He did mention that the rice and guacamole were delicious.

I’ve noticed that places like Nexxt Café, that specialize in a wide variety of cuisine, sometimes lack great tasting food. For example, when I go to a restaurant, I like knowing that I am going to eat Italian, Chinese, or Latin food. I don’t want to spend 20 minutes fumbling over a gigantic menu! I'd like to revisit Nexxt Cafe, I mean there is so much more to try. But you have to take the bad with the good I guess.


  1. So do I but it's far from perfect.

  2. its good but nothing to brag about.

  3. Burgers there are not so good but I enjoy the desserts and people watching.


  4. They have amazing Lemonade