Friday, March 18, 2011

Gilbert's 17th Street Grill

Gilbert’s 17Th St Grill... I loved this place! The moment I walked in I was greeted with a smile and a hello. Gilbert's has awesome customer service, and the food happens to be amazing.

Family-owned and operated by the same owners who started Kansas City Steak House in Davie, Gilbert’s opened in South Florida almost two years ago, and has been a staple in Fort Lauderdale ever since.

It took me almost 45 minutes to get there and it was definitely worth it. I ordered the Goat Cheese Burger which is an 8oz. pattie with caramelized onions and, yes, lots of goat cheese. The meat was cooked to a perfect medium and I became a big fan of the sweet potato fries very quickly. My friend had the Louisiana Beef burger which tasted as good as it looks. The Louisiana is cajun-style, and comes with your cheese of choice. The fries are homemade and hand cut, and the coleslaw is made fresh everyday and tastes great. After all that we had eaten, we still had room for dessert. The key lime pie was simply amazing. Beth’s own concoction called Brownie Burgers are a simple, yet massive “mountain of goodness,” as I called them.

Throughout our time there, both employees and owners were extremely attentive. At one point I thought I was a movie star.I must say I left Gilbert’s very happy. A return visit is already in the works. Gilbert's is open from 11am to 9pm, Monday-Saturday.

Overall, Gilbert’s 17th St Grill has a Mom/Pop type of feel to it, but with food fit for a high-end restaurant minus the price tag. I absolutely see myself becoming a regular.

Thank you, and tell Beth Johnny sent you...

Louisiana Beef Burger

Thank you for a great lunch experience :)


  1. That place is a favorite of mine and a bunch of other locals. A+

  2. To be honest I can't wait to go back!

  3. I need to go over and try the hottest burger in South Florida!

  4. I love this place too. It's not for everyone though. If you want candle lit fancy Foo Foo go elsewhere. But if you want a great value with a very attentive staff, with killer food -- and gracious owner, this is the place for you.